Slomo Sapiens – Fangs (single)
Kyle Robert Law – Kyle Robert Law
The Burgeoning – Loud Dreams
Shadowplay – Shadowplay
Knightlife – Field Day
Pinto – Stolen Sunday
Palatine – I Love Christmas
Someone In A Tree – Daily Distortions
Greg Phoenix Experience
The Devyl Nellys
Kai Botak – Awake
Lovers League
TivaTiva – Music for Interior Castles
Last Full Measure – Places Everyone
Oh My God – Fools Want Noise
Duel Citizen
Joe Alvez and The Groove Prophets
The Landenberg Project – C’est la Vie
Aaron Conner & The Musical Chairs – Cedar Street
Lost In Company – EP
Matthew Green – Little Howl
The Pursuit – Welcome Back Freedom
Desoto Jones – Shapeshifter
Lovecartel – Battle Scars
Reuben Barsky – EP
Ganto Barn – Wake Up To Sacred Cows
The Mechanicals – You, the Devil & Me
Delco Nightingale – Swingin’ the King
Blue Lenex – Empty Teacups
Bravo Utah – Coyote
Delco Nightingale _ S’Wingin’ It!
Kai Botak – All That I Am
Bill Haley, Jr. and the Comets
Last Full Measure – States
The Golden Pyramids – My Love is For You
TivaTiva – Hymns for A New Age (Strings Mix)
The Banished
Jazzeppelin – EP
Los Festingos – It’s Not What It Looks Like
Jenny Founds and the Modena Travellers
The Butternuts
Bulletproof Tigers
Controlled Storms – Are You There, Greed?
Red Letter Life – What the World Needs
Shadowplay – Sandy Eyes
CJ Gallopo – A Warm Welcome Home
Clearfield – boy/girl
Counterparts – After Hours
Jon Kruz – Do You Wonder?
Don’t Touch Me OK
Laura Dishong – Little Green Apples
Christy Jefferson – Agree to Disagree
Peter Matthew Kasen – Veer
Meek Kates – Lift (Single)
Meeka Kates – Study Abroad EP
Meeka Kates – Junior EP
Thriving Glee
Ron Tagg – Tagg
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